Hey all,

How’s it going? I’m Gabriella Bujdosó, but most of my friends call me Gabi for short.

I am a mainly self-taught Hungarian artist who mainly draws book and film-related digital illustrations. This passion of mine has started a long-long time ago and what once was just a little side hobby, has now become my number one dream to do as I intend to do illustrations on a professional level!


I’ve decided to create this website to publish my portfolio. Many of them are commissions, others are just mere illustrations but some are my own characters, based on the story I’m hoping to publish in the future.


I am also proud to say that I have done some illustrations for these amazing writers and have been commissioned by the following publishers and bookish boxes:

Bloomsbury Publishing

Barnes and Noble

Jimmy Patterson Books

Piper Verlag 


Laura Kneidl

Kristen Ciccarelli

Hayley Gabrielle

Fae Crate

The Bookish Box



You can find me on Instagram or tumblr, but you can shoot me an e-mail too at gabriella.bujdoso92@gmail.com.


All the love,

Gabi x